Examples of recent work

Mahara Gallery, Waikanae

Strategic, fundraising and gallery management plans

Mahara Gallery is Kāpiti Coast’s District Gallery and is raising funds to redevelop the building.  The ‘new Mahara’ will double the exhibition space, enabling it to house the Field Collection, which includes works by Frances Hodgkins, and to enhance the experience for visitors and artists. A fund-raising strategy, updated strategic plan and a gallery management plan provided useful roadmaps for fundraising and managing the ongoing busy life of the gallery.

Clarify: Broad strategic goals: Construct, Curate, Create

Focus: a fund-raising strategy for the redevelopment project (Construct), and a Gallery Management Plan to support the many activities in the Gallery  (Curate, Create)

Lift:  Streamlining complexity! Structured information for applications and ongoing management processes.

Touchstone:  A Gallery Management Plan for management and Trustees.


"The strategic planning documents provided a solid foundation to our application and the Gallery Management Plan, tangible evidence of our organisational business credibility...keeping it updated will provide the Gallery with a valuable resource. Thank you for what you have done for us."

Board Chair

Mahara Gallery Trust Board

Institute of Registered Music Teachers of New Zealand

Strategic and communications planning

Concerned about declining membership numbers, IRMTNZ Council embarked on a journey of re-vitalisation. They developed four new strategic goals focused on improving support for its members and strengthening its voice on behalf of music education in Aotearoa New Zealand.

IRMTNZ is built on the commitment of its members who believe deeply in the importance of quality music education and in the benefits of belonging to the network. So it wasn’t difficult to devise a communications strategy that would help spread this message. To do this we clarified what the organisation stands for and wants to achieve and focused on what could be done with the resources available.

Clarify: the breadth and impact of IRMTNZ’s work: Sustain, Inspire, Promote.

Focus: on a communications strategy that helps to sustain the organisation, inspire members, and promote IRMTNZ and its work to the wider world.

Lift: a bold and enabling decision for IRMTNZ to employ its first Communications Coordinator and direct its attention to digital communications channels.

Touchstone:  A graphic score demonstrating the journey from pp to ff!


Julie is a team player, who has worked with our non-profit professional organisation as a voluntary member of our national committee. At that time she set us well on our way towards developing our strategic plan and is now our adviser for the next big change – developing our growth and profile: Comms, Marketing and Media. Her willingness to help our cause is a huge encouragement. Under her calm demeanor Julie has a perceptive, energetic mind bubbling with ideas which are practical, and grounded in her wide range of knowledge and experience in the non-profit sector, from ‘office floor’ to CEO. Julie’s knowledge, understanding and clear direction are navigating us clearly and confidently through this process of change.  We thoroughly recommend Julie! 

Sian Williamson

Communications Committee Chair, IRMTNZ

Wellington Access Radio

New strategic plan

Management and Council were keen to refresh their strategic plan to better reflect the world in which they operate and to serve the wonderful diversity of their community. 
We surveyed members and held Council workshops to update goals and aims, identify influences, brainstorm ideas, prioritise activities and set targets.

Clarify:  categorised goals and activities to simplify planning structure

Focus: activities prioritised based on needs, opportunities and resources.

Lift: A new strategic plan clearly linking vision, mission, actions and measures

Touchstone: A strategy tree tracking the journey from mission to action.

Thanks again so much for helping us with this process – the staff are all really excited about the outcome and it’s been a wee spirit lifter I think!


Wellington Access Radio

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