I like the idea of a touchstone as a reminder of why we do what we do. It could be an  illustration or even a chart that captures the relationship between the big picture and its separate parts – so that you can see the wood AND the trees! 


Institute of Registered Music Teachers of NZ.
I wanted to find a way to show how all areas of IRMTNZ’s work would impact on the success of a new communications strategy.  A piece of music is a great way to illustrate how individual parts come together, so my challenge to the Council was to produce a graphic score written for eight parts – or in this case, tasks! A graphic score doesn’t use traditional notation, but instead uses symbols to guide the performers. Eight symbols represented a range of key activities the Council want to achieve in 2019.

A musical score is also a journey, so this score shows not only the contribution of each part to the whole, but also IRMTNZ’s journey towards lifting its profile and raising its voice – pp to ff!

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