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Flexible planning solutions for arts, non-profits and SMEs


So often, our carefully created strategies can seem unconnected to our day-to-day work and we might wonder whether it had all been a waste of time and effort. I’m committed to working with you to create relevant, flexible plans that help deliver those strategies and track progress. At the end of the Propel process you will not only have tailor-made action plans but also a touchstone to remind you of the big picture and that all-important ‘why’.


Working with SMEs, arts and non-profit organisations to create workable strategies and plans.


Full planning advisory including project scoping, research and analysis, providing options and recommendations for strategic development, implementation and monitoring.



Working with individuals or groups to guide the planning process using tools and techniques designed to stimulate thinking and initiate ideas, and following through with planning and implementation strategies.


Following the planning process: writing up strategies and plans, writing reports, funding applications and other communications requirements, creating templates for reports etc.


Finding the best combination of strategic and action plans that will work for your business or operation.


A strategic plan clarifies your purpose, promises and goals, identifies the influences that affect your decision-making and focuses on the best strategy for moving forward.



Business and operations plans clarify what services, activities or products you offer to achieve your strategy, identifies the resources needed and focuses on results. It may include a fundraising strategy to support your goals.


Communications and Marketing plans clarify what you need to say and who needs to hear. It focuses on delivering the right messages to the right people at the right time.


We start with an initial scoping meeting (at no charge). I’ll then follow up and provide you with a quote for the project which follows a flexible three-stage process:


Clarify what you know and what you need to find out. Test your purpose, promises and goals; identify the opportunities and challenges that help or hinder. Research and analyse data.


Formulate some real options for consideration and work out what resources you will need. Assess the risks,  prioritise the possibilities, build agreement and commit to the plan.


Put it all into action: create SMART objectives to flow through to shared action plans, monitor what happens, test and share the results and adjust where necessary. Create the touchstone version.

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